First blog post

BLACK-MAILER….. WIKIPEDIANS like  Melantipam (French) and Utkarsh Aatmaram (Canadian) and others wikipedians….

We always believe that what has been written in websites and social media is true, sometimes we ignore it… But we blindly believe on wikipedia , even the world believe on it….. The national TV channels and other national channel believe on it as it is a God’s sites. But alternatively the fact is that it is also a paid media… their pupil like Melantipam (French) and Utkarsh Aatmaram (Canadian)…. manages it…. they BLACKMAIL the company , they demand MONEY…. IS IT TRUE? JUST A GOSSSSIP? Come let’s reveal the truth….. join our discussion forum…..


3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. very true. these kind of person join this noble profession to gather information and then blackmail people and make money. If anyone deny to pay them. they delete there valuable information and start to defame.


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